From every website we have built we have learnt something. This makes our next project likely to be our best. When you retain us to work on your website, you can rest assured we will have your success in mind.  Below are different services we can deploy to make your new website more effective:



Business Website Development

An appropriate level of website design is needed to effectively communicate your message to your target market. This involves multiple considerations such as your position in the market, your target audience and key stakeholders. We’ve built many websites since 2009 so we definitely know what we’re doing. We reckon you should get the look you are wanting so we put the pressure on ourselves to deliver at the cost that’s right for your business. Our designers and strategists are experts in understanding why website visitors behave as they do. They apply this expertise in making sure that website visitors behave in a way that makes our clients’ web design a success. We know our clients need a website that allows them to control their own content as things change. That’s why every one of the websites we build uses a state of the art Content Management System with core features purposely built for the global business environment.


The list of amazing things that you can incorporate in your business website is endless, but there are some basic attributes you just can’t avoid:

When it comes to load time, every second is important. Around 40% people abandon a website if its pages take too long to load (more than 3 seconds.)

Website design must be such that its user friendly, attractive and works well for multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops etc. To appeal to a wide range of customers, usability factors such as resolution, color scheme, navigational ease are of utmost importance.

Just having a great website won’t do you any good if people can’t find it. Search Engine and Social Media Optimization make your website easy to find.

• 100% SECURE:
This basically means that the website meets best possible security requirements without compromising the returns.

Sounds complicated! Right?
Actually it’s pretty easy, affordable and you can get all these things for your business in practically no time.

Along with the above mentioned absolutely essential attributes, with our Business Website Design Service, you get a website which comes with all the pages like portfolios, services, testimonials optimally filled with deeply researched and carefully crafted content. And that’s not it. There’s more.

• A Beautiful Slider to make your home page more attractive.
Google Map integration to make it easier for your customers to find you.
Lead Generation Form that enables you to reach out to a lot more prospects.
Strong Call to Action to increase conversions and boost profits.

Our Business Website creation services are a one stop solution to all your website development related problems. You don’t need to mess around with any confusing codes. And what’s even better, google along with your customers is going to love this site.



We can provide you with a highly effective CMS


We’ve been building and designing websites powered by  content management system (CMS) since 2009. A lot has changed in this time and we’ve made sure we’ve kept ahead of the curve.

Gone are the days of needing to speak to a web developer to make content changes to your website. The vast selection of CMS’s in the market means that the owners of effective websites have the power to make content changes to their site as and when they need them.

The CMS we will use for your web project will be carefully designed to ensure it is simple to operate for regular and even complex tasks. We appreciate that the majority of CMS users are not programmers and they don’t want to feel they are operating a tool for developers. We keep things clear, and to the point, and in addition provide on-going support.

Ranking well in major search engines like Google is critically important to the vast majority of our clients. Unless the CMS that powers a website is search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly it will be all but impossible to rank well in the all-important search results. One of the many advantages of working closely with our in-house search engine specialists is that we are able to constantly tweak the CMS used by our clients to ensure that it is ahead of the crowd when it comes to working with Google and other major search engines.



Hosting is critical to website success


We understand that most clients only really care about website hosting when it’s not working. That’s why as a company we have invested so much time and money into creating a hosting environment perfectly created for the needs of businesses. Aside from making sure that your website is available to users at all times, we take seriously the challenges of offering secure, fast and flexible hosting.

Aside from industry leading physical security within the actual data centre, We take number of steps to ensure that our client websites remain secure. Additional information on our various security policies can be supplied on request.

Our hosting network is monitored day and night using a number of different reporting tools and services. From device level monitoring and service alerts through to remote 3rd party monitoring of selected websites our team are advised in real time of any faults affecting our network or websites. Needless to say all such alerts are investigated and promptly resolved regardless of the time of day.


Domain management

Our clients can choose to manage their domain names and DNS records or they can make the decision to pass this task over to our senior domain technicians. For clients who make this decision we offer domain hosting including DNS changes and support.


Why Does Web Hosting Matter?

High quality hosting makes a real difference to the success or failure of a website. Site speed is now even a factor in search engine optimization. Cheap hosting is easily found on the internet but it is often slow and unreliable. We deliberately do not go down this path because we know it comes at a real price. Our web hosting customers love the fact that their web design and hosting is at the highest standard. By spending the extra money on quality hosting we ensure our hosting customers’ websites load fast and load 24/7!



We have achieved spectacular results for our clients’ through online marketing. We would love to have a chat with you and create an obligation free proposal on how we can direct a consistent stream of high quality visitors to your website. Below are our more popular web marketing options:


SEOThis is VERY important.

You need to make sure the search engines find your website. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of our core skills.

We do this for hundreds of clients now. Our pricing is the one of the best value in this industry.

Our experts working on an ongoing basis with the aim of having your website appear above your competitors in Google. Although technically difficult and requiring great expertise to do properly, we find SEO to be the most cost-effective online marketing option.



“Sumit Sharma’s Seo Services has put our company  on the first page of Google in less than 3 months  and all I can do is recommend their SEO services to anyone looking to grow their business. They were honest, reliable and very open from the beginning”

star city

( Star City Medical Centre, NSW )


“Sumit Sharma’s Seo Services exceeded our expectations. We are now on page 1 of Google for all our main keywords”


( Simply Delicious Fairfield )


“We are more than happy to recommend Sumit Sharma’s Web Services to any business looking to increase leads and business online”


( Debt Freedom Help, NSW )




PPCA properly managed PPC and PPV campaign is a cost effective and immediate way to generate high quality traffic for your website. You only pay for visitors when they click on one of your ads (PPC) or when they view your website, video (PPV).






WOW ! Where do you start? What do you use?

Facebook ? Google Plus ? Twitter ? Instagram ??

We know the ones which are most relevant

 An Effective Social Media Presence truly reflects the Value your Business Creates for your Customers.

Just setting up a Facebook or Twitter page for your business is not enough these days. You need to set up your social media account the right way to create a positive image for your business. Furthermore, you need to publish quality content on these accounts on a regular basis. Also, the content you post should be in-line with the context. It’s essential to actively engage but not interrupt.

Social media marketing has gained grounds tremendously from the last few years. It helps you to increase your brand loyalty and create a positive impression about your offerings in the minds of your target audience.

And this is exactly what we offer with our Social Media Services.

Set up your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube business pages with these images to establish yourself as an authority in your local niche market.

The way you look greatly influences people’s perspectives about you. And same is true with your social media pages. Profile and cover image is the first thing that people notice about business page of any company. Striking and appropriate profile and cover images can set you apart from your competitors.

With these ready-to-use posts including social updates about Coupons, Info/tips, Events, Quizzes, and Viral Posts, you can regularly post fresh content on your social account pages and interact with your target audience on a regular basis.

Why Social Media is important for Local Businesses?

Local Business Marketing has moved far beyond yellow pages advertising. Nowadays, there are tons of important directories and it’s not easy to get ranked among the top few in local searches either.

Social Media Marketing allows you to move beyond these roadblocks. Moreover, posting relevant and engaging content on social media helps you build a relationship with your audience. The more you interact with them, the more they trust you, and this trust-based relationship converts prospects to customers and first time customers to loyal repeat customers.


“Call us now or send us an email to get a stunning website and effective online marketing services that will take your business to new heights…”